Saturday, 3 January 2015

Reason for being: Modus Operandi

Modus Operandi is webcomic set in an alternate universe that slightly resembles our own. There's only one chapter at the time of review but it feels like a prologue as the story hasn't evened out its kinks as yet.

The narrative focuses on a young man who has to face a hard decision that thrusts him into an opaque adult world. The distance between the protagonist Bob's princely role and school endeavors seems too vast to cover as yet.

I can't quite get a gauge on the character as there hasn't been enough information given about the outside world and its sins. It' feels like slipstream inflected with a hard sci-fi background. Ultimately this feels more like just another stranger variation of our current existence.

The style of art shown here is an interesting stylized haze that suits the dreamlike stasis the strip seems to be stuck in. It feels like a mix of high school drama  and realpolitik that hasn't meshed together properly. At the moment this is a well drawn but ultimately inconsequential work that needs more exposition. However,  given time I expect this to be a quite consequential and nuanced webcomic.

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