Thursday, 22 May 2014

Kicking it old school: Niego & Hellbound

Part of the difficulty of assessing webcomics is the ephemeral nature of the medium itself. It's easy to forget the endless array of webcomics that have just tapered off. Success is unusual and the ability to actually survive monetarily alone from your webcomic is exceedingly infinitesimal. Lots of worthy strips fall by the wayside and I want to show you some from Comic Rocket's handy archive from the mid noughties you might have originally missed.

Neigo  At a certain point this strip was part of the guest strip love-ins that popular strips like Sam and Fuzzy and Questionable Content used to engage in. Like those strips it's a slightly surreal take on 'slice of life'.

It's a gloriously stupid glaze of nebbish slackerdom spread over everyday life. It wasn't self-consciously hipster or nerdish; just dumb kids living in suburbia. The inclusion of Sigala's original notes is tops as well. Certainly willing to indulge in stylised splashes in a black and white palette this strip dropped off primarily due to the creator's personal situation.

Hellbound is far more idiotic and slapstick as a strip but it powers on through its wretched jokes by sheer verve alone. It's willing to press a stupid point to death through a colourful wonderland of lowbrow humour. The narrative is asinine and the characters are all cads and reprobates but it doesn't stop this from being a hyperactive carnival ride. Sadly it's a fruity effervescence that just popped one day and never came back.

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