Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Catching up on nachitos : The Walky series

I'm just getting into the Walky mythos, reading the archives from Roomies, It's Walky to Joyce and Walky, I'd been infected with  David Willis's oeuvre initially by Shortpacked and then the mythos remix comic, Dumbing of age. I knew it was a keystone classic webcomic series but the size of the archives scared me off as well as the fact it spanned 3 comics.

 I'm glad I did because there's an emotional integrity here that's been rarely matched in my 10 years of reading webcomics. It crept up on me but even the initial emotional deepening with the Ruth scenario was a very swift right-turn into adulthood and its discontents. These series veer very sharply between goofy antics and human consequences. I should have done this sooner.

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Delos said...

Oh good. Another comic I'll have to read... =)