Thursday, 2 July 2009

A blood red smile: Lucid tv

I'm not shocked by much but this strip is particularly cruel, it takes pleasure in its cruelty. There's a certain salience here in trying to 'push the envelope' in displaying the Abuse of power that a doctor can engage in. I guess the best lazy cross-over analogy I could go for would be the gory med horror film Pathology mixed in with the slacker humor of Scrubs. The fqact that one of the doctors loooks suspiciously like Mozza from the Smiths is quite apt.

 This is horribly amusing, like the slow motion car crash you can't help watching on YouTube, the first strip since Sexy losers to make me simultaneously cringe and laugh out loud inappropriately. This is a piquant sort of psychosis, veering the non-sequitur through every moral quandary and out the other side, bloody and grinning. Keogh has created a sick like peon to surgery and its discontents, bitingly intelligent medical satire is a genre I didn't know I ever needed, just like an extra heart spliced in.

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