Tuesday, 6 November 2007

All things must pass

I've always had a fondness for Brain Fist and now that the end has come it would be an entertaining experience rove through the archives and see how funny a strip that uses a confined template format can be. Obviously it's been done before but I don't think anyone has reached into the recesses of melancholy and created a strip that was worthwhile and sickening simultaneously. These are little parables wrenching out of the murk of archetypes and made into something fucking hilarious and sad. Some of the strips are as close to 'literature' as I've seen within the web-comic stratum. At least the strip *aheh* goes out with a bang.

Another strip that is coming close to an end is the ever bodacious Hellbound, this strip has always taken goofiness to the nest idiotic level but the energy is what sells it as a viable comic, Xepher has managed to keep this paeon to massive  infinite canvas storylines and keep it regularly amusing. Even if Stuff Sucks and Sore Thumbs are wrapping up,  this is the strip that always tempted me when I shouldn't have been reading wsebcomics.

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