Monday, 4 August 2008

Things to check out

Is it just me or is Metanoia one of the darkest odes to murder I've seen online? It could have been so specious but it ends up being an apt little murder poem.

Project Rol is is a very stylised work, it's manga with a western substructure, inserted into a future in which 'angels' taunt humanity. Sound familiar? The artwork is pretty dodgy for a Evangelion remake, though. The tricks with colours and speed are not typically seen in webcomic but the bare linework can get a bit grating. One for the Shinji fetishists only.

Sorry about the hiatus guys, I'll be back with a batch of articles soon.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers for Project ROL - it seems a bit like Evangelion due to the Angels, but otherwise it's arguably different.At least so far.

btw, (the real reason why I'm posting this) you left the http:// off the Project ROL url, so the link isn't working XD