Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Burn down the disco and hang the DJ!: Ornery Boy

Uh, is it just me or is the latest from Ornery Boy's undead MC Brian just pure heat? It's like the Beastie Boys actually got some talent in their veins after the dribbled mess of To the 5 Boroughs, sort of as if they'd continued in the vein of Paul's Boutique.
Here's some quotes from Brian's mad flow,

Like all good MCs he gives props to his DJ:
Cuz he's doubleplusgood when he gets in a state
Gets you all riled up for the two minute hate
With his hands on the decks in a Mad symbiosis
He's like Gregory House, he's got the diagnosis

And there's no point in being an MC if you don't have the arrogance of Easy E:
Writin' rhymes in my books like Atrus in Riven
Open the covers and y'all get imprisoned
Cuz the words I write are just so damn fresh
gorg-eous-ness and gorge-os-ity made flesh

Lalonde has really impressed me with the evolution of his strip, it's sometimes the closest thing to slapstick in a webcomic. This is good because most webcomic humour is based on puns or half-hearted attempts at jokes. He isn't scared of Hip-Hop either and that's quite rare in the webcomic realm. The geek references don't hurt so it's almost as if Buck 65 stopped fucking about with his dismal folk experiments and went back to being a Science Major and a top geeky MC. Good stuff.

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tedzsee said...

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Brian MC storyline... although I do agree with you about most comics being all about puns or half-hearted attempts at jokes. Yerp! Possibly mine as well? Who knows.

I love Lalonde's comic overall, but I think it really shines when he's exploring the dynamic between Orneryboy and DirtyGirl.

Also: Sweet reference to Buck65! Comics that aren't afraid of hiphop are rare.po