Friday, 29 September 2006

Maybe Fred Durst will now front Noosehead (Sam and Fuzzy)

I'm really enjoying the direction that Sam and Fuzzy has been taking lately, if there was any strip that deserves to be congratulated for pulling off a 'Cerebus syndrome' well, then S&F deserves that prize. Sam Logan has subtly positioned the strip towards a continually evolving narrative without losing the humour. This recent Noosehead subplot could have turned into some bloated 'Oceans Unmoving' psych-out but the balance evident here shows us what a good webcartoonist is capable of doing.

Sam and Fuzzy has never really had a gimmick to separate it from the rest of the pack and the strip could have continued in the relatively shallow and amusing vein of the first hundred strips but slowly and surely surrealism and tragedy have melded together into a consistently good webcomic.


tedzsee said...

I've got to agree. Sam and Fuzzy has completely hooked me with the Noosehead plotline, despite the fact that I thought I would hate the transition into more serious territory.

The comic, I think, has always had a sadness underneath it in the character of Sam, who hasn't quite found what he wants in life... but this storyline has fleshed him out so completely that the strip now has a comfortable universe of its own, where, before, it just had a character and a bear sidekick.

Scott said...

Yeah, I agree, it used to be more of a gag strip with a background that wasn't important, now, there's Sam as an active character (I doubt Fuzzy will ever change) and this is what has propelled the strip to a new maturity, it all depends on Sam.