Monday, 24 July 2006

Busting up da flow: Combustible Orange

I'm not a real big fan of Penny Arcade and I don't think Becky and Ben from Combustible Orange are either. As for lyrical analysis: it looks like Tycho is going all 1992 west coast on us, the rhyme scheme is basic but the clothes are skankily wiggerlicious. The bling is pretty good though, if you're going to front on the bling you have to go hard or go home ( I mean, Flava Flav rocks his clock like a drunken telemarketer and everyone loves him.)

I really dig the clean design of the CO website and after the 'reboot' the linework has become more mature and the humour has become far more subtle. It's essentially a dig at the comic industry, thus, the Jhonen Vasquez piss-take was also pretty apposite (heh, stabbity stab!)


Frank said...

What up, sir.

Frank from Combustible Orange here just dropping my 2 cents in to say that I have no animosity towards Penny Arcade. I've talked with Tycho numerous times and we always catch up at the conventions. They are good people.

But they are also pretty easy targets. The most outrage came from the Penny Arcade forum really, who couldn't understand why Tycho and Gabe would be rappers.

"That's not like them at all!"

Which was pretty funny. Anyway, glad you like the comic and the added subtlety, as well as the new artwork. You are rad!

Scott said...

I think it's just the absurdity of protagonists from gamer comics rapping, that just made my day.

g.owen said...

I like the variety you present here. Some I like, some I don't. I like webcomics as well, but not cats - sorry 'bout that; can't help it cus i'm allergic to 'em. Anyway, I have a webcomic that's really different - Tempt the Messiah: a comic about Jesus and the Devil... You can see it if you want. You can link to from my blogspot...